Captive Bred Bugs

All of our bugs are captive bred unless otherwise specified. This ensures that you are purchasing the highest quality and healthiest clean up crews and pets that will thrive in your care just as they have thrived in ours.

We ship our bugs legally with USDA APHIS permits and use a third party exporter for shipments to Canada and the EU. Not all of our animals can ship to all states due to the individual state laws. If you are outside of the USA and wish to purchase from us, please contact us for more information:

Live orders of $100 or more qualify for FREE 2 day shipping! Supplies do not count towards this total and may ship separately.

You can also purchase any available bugs, enclosures, or supplies ahead of time and pick them up at an upcoming show. Simply select “pick up at show” at checkout! We rotate inventory at shows, so if you know you want something specific it’s recommended to put in a preorder. Discounted specials are ONLY available at shows if you order ahead of time.

Please view our shipping and live arrival guarantee before placing your order.

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