Cubaris Rubber Ducky – 7 Count

$150.00 / 7-count

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Cubaris “Rubber Ducky” Isopods For Sale:

Cubaris “Rubber Ducky” are pretty much the cutest isopods ever to exist. These are some of the most popular and sought after isopods in the hobby. A must have for any collection! These isopods are shy and like to burrow, but simply flip over a piece of bark to see that cute little ducky face looking up at you.

Our colonies contain a mix of classic, blonde, and pink rubber ducky genetics.

This species is slower growing than many other isopod species. Therefore I highly recommend culturing these separately if using in a bioactive setup with primary inhabitants that may snack on them. However, most people keep these exclusively as pets.

Does not ship to OR.


Millipede and Isopod Care Sheet


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