Lugarti Premium Drainage Layer – 6 LBS


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Equivalent to about 2.5 Gallons. These are large drainage balls.

From the manufacturer:

Terrarium Drainage Layer

Lugarti’s Premium Drainage Layer is made of pre-washed, expanded clay that is featherlight and provides maximum surface area which helps to sustain a healthy microfauna population that is essential to all bioactive systems. The various sizes and shapes allows for the best drainage possible and looks extremely naturalistic. When used properly, it allows the accumulation of excess water in humid or wet vivariums, allowing the substrate layer to avoid over saturation, root rot and anaerobic buildup.

One of the most important elements of a tropical or subtropical vivarium is having a proper drainage layer. Proper drainage ensures the longevity of the plants and animals that make up your mini ecosystem. Having a reservoir for standing water to build up also allows natural evaporation to take place, providing consistent humidity throughout the enclosure.






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