Ornate Harvestman Vonones ornata

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Ornate Harvestman Vonones ornata for sale:

Fun facts: Harvestmen are arachnids, but not spiders. They do not have venom or silk glands. Vonones ornata will fluoresce under blacklight!

Housing: Harvestman are communal, meaning they can live in a colony environment. They are shy, so provide plenty of hiding places, such as cork bark caves. They thrive in a humid, room temperature environment. No additional water source is required and can actually be a drowning hazard. I house mine with one of my larger millipede species. Provide some sort of climbing spot that they can hang from while molting.

Feeding: Unlike spiders, Harvestman actually eat solid food. They enjoy small invertebrates, fish food, and soft fruits. I house mine with springtails for a live food diet component.

This listing is for 1 captive bred Ornate Harvestmen.



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