Phidippus Regius CB Sling – Hatched 1/10/23

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Captive bred juvenile Phidippus regius Regal Jumping Spiders for sale

Hatched 1/10/23, 8+ instar as of August 1st.

**only males left from this clutch**

Adult Spider pictured for reference. Individual slings from this group pictured for reference. Individual photos not available. We have too many at any one time to photograph each individual, and we can’t guarantee that a particular one will be the one that we ship. We ship spiders based on when they ate last, and make sure they are not molting/premolt.

Please see our care guide under the resources section.

Additional Information: Baby spiders are very delicate. In nature, only a few from each clutch may survive to adulthood. Even in captivity, mortality and die off are extremely high during the first initial molts. This is why we keep our babies through the first 4+ instars (usually more, through 2 or 3 months) to make sure they are as stable as possible before selling them as pets. Even so, sometimes baby spiders may die for no apparent reason, even with the best husbandry. Please be aware of this when purchasing a baby spider. We do our best to set each baby up for success, but there is still always risk when raising small invertebrates. For these reasons, we do not guarantee our spiders past live arrival.


Jumping Spider Care Guide


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