Dwarf Purple Isopod & White Springtail Bundle: 2 Starter Cultures Each


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This bundle includes 2 starter cultures of Dwarf Purple Isopods and 2 starter cultures of White Springtails.
Dwarf Isopods:

Dwarf Purple isopods are tiny, unobtrusive isopods. They will typically stay burrowed in the substrate and perform their cleaning duties without ever being seen. They reproduce quickly and are a great choice for bioactive setups with a primary inhabitant that likes to snack on larger isopods.

White Springtails (Folsomia candida):
The standard springtail for bioactive setups. Breeds very quickly and can be used for feeders for animals that require very small live food.
Springtails are amazing little critters that help solve a lot of problems in bioactive setups and terrariums. In a bioactive setup, the springtails work with the isopods to create the perfect clean up crew – the isopods break down larger waste created by the primary inhabitants, while the springtails eat the mold and fungus that thrives in humid setups. Fungus gnats and most mites that end up in terrariums also feed on mold and fungus, so a healthy springtail population can eventually outcompete the gnats and mites for food and control the populations.
Starter cultures include enough springtails to seed one enclosure, or start your own master culture.

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